Thirsty Goose Portable Men's Urinal

Posted: November 25, 2023
Thirsty Goose Portable Men's Urinal
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It's Small Business Saturday! Support your local artisans, your Mom & Pop shops, your independent businesspeople just trying to keep their storefronts alive in the face of corporate death-dealing, your...Thirsty Goose Portable Men's Urinal, eager to drink your pee as you stand in line for 2 hours to get the handmade beaded-bracelet-cuff-thing your teen daughter is dying to have this year.

While men's travel urinals are no novelty anymore, Thirsty Goose has certainly found a way to make a fairly standard product for camping, road trips, and people who don't feel like getting out of bed to take a wee novel again. It's kind of like what the Puking Kitty Gravy Boat did for gravy boats. And, according to its makers, the goose aesthetic of their on-the-go urinal isn't just a ploy for attention, or way to quack yourself up every time you relieve yourself in its mouth. It also makes the Thirsty Goose inconspicuous, not identifiable as a urinal at all! You could even leave it on your coffee table and pass it off as a piece of bird enthusiast's decor!

Why, of course, Aunt Jan. You are welcome to check out my goose. Yes, yes, touch it all over, turn it upside down...what's that? It's wet? Huh. No idea what that could be from....

Features of the Thirsty Goose that make it equal parts utilitarian and beautiful include an electroplated golden beak, a tough powder-coated finish, and a leak- and odor-proof design.

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