Magic Milk Flavored Straws

Posted: November 02, 2019
Magic Milk Flavored Straws
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The magic in Magic Milk Straws comes from their unique ability to convince kids to drink their milk without any added incentives other than a fun drinking straw.

Haha, sike! Magic Milk Straw magic, like the magic of any food kids want to eat, comes from sugar!

But, according to the flavored straws' makers, much less sugar than you'd find in milk with the chocolate, strawberry, or...root beer?...added in beforehand. The Magic Milk Straws are naturally flavored with a variety of kid magnets, including chocolate, cookies and cream, bubble gum, cream soda, cotton candy, and root beer. Flavors present as tiny beads stacked up the length of each straw, which dissolve and deliver the tasty tastes as you drink.

Magic Milk Straws need no refrigeration, and so can pack in bags and lunches, and can be used to slurp up regular dairy milk, as well as soy, lactose-free, or other dairy alternatives. The listing here includes 36 straws.

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