pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks

Posted: April 09, 2017
pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks
$12.99 - $37.99
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A spinana-berry smoothie pureLYFT-ed up with a cuppa-coffee's worth of caffeine. My girlfriend said that would knock out my Sunday hangover. And, washed down with 6 strips of bacon and some biscuits & gravy, it pretty much did.

pureLYFT Energy Sticks label themselves a boost of "clean caffeine" for anyone who needs a natural, jitter-free pick-me-up in the morning, throughout the day, or before rallying for a long night. Each stick contains 125mg of caffeine you can stir into the drink of your choice, water included. Available in natural, orange, and berry flavors, pureLYFT Sticks dissolve when stirred into liquids and impart a "clean" taste in their wake. They contain zero calories.

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