Wave Drink Siphon

Posted: January 14, 2014
Check It Out

I mean, I'm fine getting my own glass of SunnyD, but I guess if you really want to give me some of yours, alright. Go ahead and Wave it over.

Now that Glenfiddich Rare Collection single malt on the other hand--I think Wave's and my mission to siphon a couple fingers of it will prove to be a little more...hell-bent and clandestine.

Officially assigned "toy" status by its creator, the 3D-printed Wave drink siphon could certainly be a fun doohickey for kids and adults to mess with, particularly since kids and adults seem to get off on messing with things. And check out the multi-Wave action in its demo video. Parents with far too many children, may I present to you the key--no the parabola!--to pouring 8 glasses of milk at once! Ahhh, entertaining and practical. Way better than a straw.

Unfortunately, Wave's widespread application will probably serve darker purposes, such as accessory to the seedy underworld of liquid nabbing, and prime commodity on the backwash black market.

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