Ice Straws

Posted: November 04, 2012
Ice Straws
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Ice straws are what I will give children to drink hot chocolate with so I don't have to hear them whine and cry about how it's too hot and they burnt their tongue and waaa, waaa, waaa, I want a hug. I often want a hug too, you little wussies, but when I ask for one from your mom she makes a face, and sometimes hits me in mine. So take this straw of ice, stick it in, and suck it up. Fast, because I hear hot things melt frozen ones.

Up to six, 8" ice straws materialize from silicone trays with long cylindrical molds that accept water, and probably other liquids that freeze, such as juice and Kool-Aid, for most excellent libation accessories. Now I don't always drink pomegranate martinis, but when I do, I prefer to drink them through pomegranate juice straws.

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