Whiskee Straw

Posted: March 03, 2022
Whiskee Straw
$14 - $18
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Iced coffee and chocolate milk. Protein shakes and smoothies. And, while the Whiskee Straw doesn't directly relate to the whiskey spirit, it can certainly get in the whiskey spirit and mix up Manhattans and Old Fashioneds for you too. Exactly as it appears, the Whiskee Straw is a reusable straw with a whisk on one end. And exactly as you might think, the Whiskee Straw was made to whisk up drinks on the go, mix drinks without dirtying multiple utensils, and re-stir drinks that separate before you've finished them.

Wife and triple mom Anissa developed the Whiskee Straw to aid in her messy and inadequate stirring adventures. Now that reusable straws are the norm, Anissa came up with the idea to improve upon them after countless experiences with their inability to reblend separated smoothies and protein shakes, and properly mingle her kids' Hershey's syrup and milk without introducing a separate whisk.

The Whiskee Straw allows sippers to whisk and sip, and sip and whisk down to the last slurp of their drinks. Straws come sized for 16- and 24-ounce drinks, and include a silicone tip.

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