Grim Stitch Factory Scarecrow Masks

Posted: October 11, 2018
Grim Stitch Factory Scarecrow Masks
$350 - $450
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If I only had a brain...I would have maybe thought twice before looking at Grim Stitch Factory's Scarecrow Masks when I couldn't sleep last night. Canadian Cameron Scholes is the ARRGH!tist behind these sinister Halloween masks. He designs and hand makes, down to the last stitch, every mask ordered, and in addition to a two-dozen-strong gallery of past scare-acters, Scholes is happy to fill custom orders based on your personal terror preferences.

Heh, heh, maybe now that my friend Cornelius has grown numb to my attempts at scaring him with my Peeping Creeper in the window, I'll throw a Cornfield Frankenstein or Voodoo Ripper Grim Stitch mask on the prop and begin the prank anew!

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