Lustir Reusable Carbon Fiber Drinking Straws

Posted: May 12, 2019
Lustir Reusable Carbon Fiber Drinking Straws
$22 - $24
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Reusable drinking straws have become a new environmental trend. Rightfully so since, as Lustir points out, "Americans dispose of approximately 500 million plastic straws every day with most ending up in landfills or littering the environment and oceans." And carbon fiber has been trendy for a while, both for its practical applications as a high strength, low weight polymer, and for its woven black aesthetics, which make everything from bags to bike helmets to...drinking straws look better.

Lustir has chosen carbon fiber as the basis for its reusable drinking straws. They come in Short Straw and Long Straw Kits, all sealed and BPA-free for safe and repeated use. Short Straws are 5" long, good for low-ball cocktails, Moscow Mule mugs, and blowing bubbles in chocolate milk. Long Straws are just under 8" long, and better suited for iced coffees, smoothies, sodies, and tall cocktail glasses.

All Lustir carbon fiber drinking straws come in sets of 4. They arrive in a display box, and also include a portable pouch and a cleaning brush.

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