JoGo Portable Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw

Posted: January 26, 2022
JoGo Portable Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw
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To call the JoGo a portable coffee & tea brewing straw is a bit of a misnomer. At least the way I initially read it, which was the way that made me think this 7.8" x 0.5" stainless steel straw had some sort of coffee ground / tea leaf reservoir and a percolation system built into its itty-bitty frame. It does not.

Instead, the JoGo has a built-in filter that enables you to drink coffee or tea you brewed all makeshift-survivalist-style (i.e., by dumping loose grounds or leaves in your cup, adding hot water, and stirring briskly) without sucking up a mouthful of the sandy or woody bits along with the liquid. So rather than a portable coffee and tea brewing straw, think of JoGo as a portable straw for brewed - no, make that jankily-brewed - coffee and tea.

In addition to the unappetizing solids left behind by the coffee and tea brewing processes, JoGo Straws can also filter out the seeds and particulates from fresh juices and muddled cocktails. The JoGo filter is removable, both for cleaning, and in case you want to use the straw in a more typical fashion, to drink your debris-free sodies, or thick smoothies.

JoGo (post-)brewing straws are fitted with silicone tips that diffuse heat while drinking.

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