Mr. Mustache with Fedora Ring

Posted: June 01, 2012
Mr. Mustache with Fedora Ring

Just when I thought the whimsically crowd-pleasing mustache had danced its way onto every medium on the block, Smiling SilverSmith introduces one more. A wraparound mustache finger ring. But not only that. A wraparound mustache finger ring wearing a fedora. Sorry, Sunstaches, Carstaches, and Burt Reynolds, I don't think it gets any more hip (and hipster) than that.

Pure sterling silver--not just silver plated--mustache rings are made to order, with ring size specified upon purchase. The mustachioed fedora ring also has a number of equally devilish and twinkle-eyed relatives in its family of jewelry, including a Mr. Peanut shoutout wearing a top hat and monocle, and a handlebarred lip with 80s shades (all that's missing is the lime green or neon orange on the sunglasses arms). Smiling SilverSmith also designs less ironic wraparound rings, such as the steaming cup of coffee pictured below ($49).

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