Dark Matter Solid Carbon Fiber Ring

Posted: April 16, 2013
Dark Matter Solid Carbon Fiber Ring

Carbon fiber for your personal hygiene, carbon fiber for your personal safety, and carbon fiber for your personal style. Black Badger's Dark Matter rings are made of solid, F1-quality carbon fiber plate, with each piece hand-faceted into its own unique form. Or, more appropriately stated, amoebic non-form. The rings appear to be from either outer space or the earth's core. Two complete opposite destinations that could equally plausibly claim responsibility for a funky looking piece of finger candy.

That line of discussion reminds me of a game they used to play on the Adam Carolla Show--aka the best radio talk show ever--before Adam Carolla got relegated to podcasts in my godforsaken city. It was called Rich Man Poor Man (Carolla subsequently wrote a book with the same title) and examined practices common both to the really rich and the really poor. For example:

  • Avoiding paying taxes.
  • Marrying a cousin (royal families, meet people from the Ozarks).
  • Giving their kids F'd up names.
  • Wearing pajamas all day.
  • Going nowhere without their dogs.
  • Using their wives as collateral in a bet.
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