Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Posted: February 01, 2013
Carbon Fiber Bathtub
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If they were going put the effort into creating a bathtub out of airplane and race car materials, couldn't they have made it look like an airplane or race car? Not that I wouldn't still clamor to spend some QT in Corcel's carbon fiber bad boy. I have a decent imagination. One man's luxury scrubbing vessel is another man's inside track to Formula One domination. I don't even really care if the tub holds water. I'd be fine just hanging out in it with my acid trip pillow, my laptop, and the complete series of Firefly on DVD. In between episodes, I'd pause to take Monte Carlo's Grand Hotel Hairpin or fly through Manza at 225.

Handmade in Austria, the carbon fiber bathtub will see a very limited production run of 51 pieces, each with an accompanying certificate of authentication from Corcel. Dimensions are 95.7" long x 48.4" wide x 25.2" tall. Tubs hold about 87 gallons of water, which I think is slightly less than average, and will short your waterBOB emergency drinking water storage bladder by 13 gallons.

Note: The only reason I bothered uploading the accompanying video is to show that even people who seem to do things impeccably--like dream up and make a jet black carbon fiber bathtub--can also completely F up. It might be the worst product video I've ever seen in my life. First of all, the music and camera shots seem worthy of a 2013 reincarnation of MST3K. Maybe a 3D version, or one in which viewers can interact more intimately with the absurdity by throwing virtual popcorn at their TV screens. Secondly, and more unbelievably, out of the nearly 2-minute recording intended to shock and awe the world with a carbon fiber bathtub, maybe 8 seconds are spent actually showing the carbon fiber bathtub.

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