Bullet Boutonniere

Posted: March 22, 2017
Bullet Boutonniere

Look even more bangin' in your tux or suit coat with one of Bullet Bouquets' Bullet Boutonnieres. Remember Bullet Bouquets? The overnight bloomin' ammo sensation has expanded its line of potted rounds to include wearables, including cuff links, hair clips, and the dapper boutonnieres you see here.

Bullet Bouquets uses real spent copper-jacketed lead bullets in all of their pieces. Post-firing, they expand, deform, and turn them inside out, to transform the bullets into buds of oddly charming industrial art. The boutonniere shown here has a single, 5/8" diameter bloom that will grow from your choice of brass or nickel .223 Remington case "vase." To set the groom apart from his groomsmen, you can also go for a bullet triple with the Three Bloom Boutonniere.

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