Ninja Turtles Beanie

By: on February 10, 2013
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If given the choice between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bra and Miss Pamela's Ninja Turtles beanie, most men would probably choose the beanie for themselves and the bra for all ladies. But not me. I would choose the beanie for everyone. Because at least if a lady is wearing this Ninja Turtles hat of stealth and cowabunga, I will definitely see it. Whereas with the bra, given the bodacious implications catching a head-on glimpse carries, the chances I would ever meet it face to face, or even gain the knowledge she has it on, are more in the 0% to 5% range. So while I do love the idea of Donatello on the boobs, the fact that I am far more likely to interact with Donatello on the head forces me to give the TMNT beanie higher marks. A+ to the knit & crochet combo.

Ninja Turtles beanies are convertible, with a movable eye mask sewn onto the hat base. Slide it down over your eyes when you don't want anyone to see you renting The Notebook from Redbox, and back up across your forehead when your eyelids start sweating and developing a polka-dotted rash. Masks come in Donatello Purple, Raphael Red, Michelangelo Orange, and Leonardo Blue. Please specify head size during order, especially if you've got a big ol' melon head like this guy I used to know my freshman year of college whose noggin was so disproportionately large everyone called him Headquarters. Or this other guy whose head was not only large, but also bald and kind of tapered inward as it moved down toward his cheekbones. We called him Bulb. Another dude had man boobs. His name was Tits.

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Hand Forged Samurai Swords

$125 - $6,990 from Swords of Northshire »

Swords of Northshire works directly with a forge in Longquan to satisfy all of your samurai sword needs. Or, more likely, create your sudden and intense samurai sword needs. Handmade from the ground up, the retailer's...

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Crocheted Knight Helmet

$19.99 - $26 from Amazon »

Medieval knight helmets. That's what hip nanas who know what it means to give their grandsons street cred crochet. Now I don't know if Dee Forrest is a grandma, but she's definitely privy to what the cool kids these days...

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Villain Chair

$7,146 from Firebox.com »

Being a villain isn't cheap. So, like most actors, rock stars, and former Presidents, villains raise funds for the administration of havoc and execution of attempts to rule the world by selling out. The Villain Chair...

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Mini Titanium Katana with Tritium Insert

$149 from Metal Worn »

Just as the Bride conquered O-Ren Ishii with a Hattori Hanzo katana, Metal Worn has conquered the ultimate gift for a geek with their Ti-Katana, a miniature titanium katana sword whose tsuka contains a tritium vial insert....

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Caltrops Tashibishi Spiked Stoppers

$7.99 from Amazon »

Now this doesn't look like a very nice thing to do to someone. But I guess if s/he cheats, steals your wo/man, gets you fired, or breaks your favorite Star Wars collectible, one method of revenge is to Caltrops Tashibishi...

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Mary Jane Polystone Statue

$749.99 from Amazon »

I still can't believe they once let snaggletooth Kirsten Dunst play Mary Jane Watson. Sideshow Collectibles' statue would have made a better ultimate girl next door than she did just kneeling there silent and unmoving....

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Stetson Carbon Fiber Fedora

Know when I could have used a carbon fiber fedora? Nope, that's not a question dripping in sarcasm whose answer is "Never." I really could have used a carbon fiber fedora last week when my girlfriend dragged me to some...

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Cel Shaded Jeans

$158.43 from Etsy »

Need your video games and comic books on you at all times? Deja Neuf Heures has come up with a slightly different way to accomplish that: hand-painted cel shaded jeans....

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Kitchen Ninja Knife Block

$102.80 from Amazon »

A Kitchen Ninja Knife Block for all the Kitchen Klutzes like me! Skilled, stealthy, and precise with my blade hovering above an onion I am not, but my inner covert agent of feudal Japan would still like to see this knife...

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Blood Rayne Arm Blade

Sold Out from Amazon »

Although Agent BloodRayne used a similar arm blade to exterminate vampires, this non-digitized replica is made of stainless steel, not silver, so it will be of little assistance in your mission to annihilate Edward Cullen...

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Ninja Turtles Bra

Sold Out from Etsy »

Some would say the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making a comeback. LL Cool J would probably say don't call it a comeback, they've been here for years. Teri Hatcher and John Travolta would warn Leonardo, Michelanglo...

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Ninja Hand Claw Climbing Tigers Spikes

$9.95 from Amazon »

Perfect for the aspiring ninja or make believe superhero, these will have you scaling trees in your backyard in no time. Made from pure black stainless steel. Just be careful you don't hurt yourself. Being a ninja is...