Shower Toga - Shower & Change Privately in Public

Posted: September 15, 2020
Shower Toga - Shower & Change Privately in Public
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While I've never tried the Shower Toga myself, it certainly looks like a more compact, comfortable, and overall practical way to shower and change privately in public than a pair of suspenders strapped to a whiskey barrel. Maybe not quite as IG-worthy, but with that silvery NASA sheen to its opaque nylon fabric the Shower Toga certainly wears nicer than a potato sack.

Made for campers, surfers, cyclists, beach goers, kids who play in the dirt, Iron Manners, Tough Mudder mudderers, the Shower Toga has a drawstring cincher you can tighten around your waist if you're a dude and armpits if you're a lady, creating a skirt / dress cover-up that allows for clothing removal, rinsing and washing off, and getting dressed again without flashing the world your naughty bits.

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