Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Costume

By: on July 15, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con may be winding down, but the San Romero zombie apocalypse is just amping up. And if you're going to splice off heads and bifurcate torsos chainsaw-wielding-Juliet style when it gets here, you're gonna need a midriff-bearing cheerleading uniform with thigh-high tights. Etsy seamstress extraordinaire Alexandra Threw--also mother of the Rogue and Harley Quinn costumes--brings Juliet Starling wannabes to life with her 5-piece, custom-fitted incarnation of the high-school heroine from Lollipop Chainsaw.

Customers supply their measurements, which Threw folds into a lined racerback half shirt made of durable double knit--the same used in official hollaback girl uniforms--and topped with a custom chenille San Romero Knights patch. The top has a side zipper for easy donning. Pleated cheer skirts are navy blue with peek-a-boo pink pleating and white looped belts, and cover a pair of pink booty shorts. White tights, handmade from spandex, extend up to mid-thigh to show off the carefully cut San Romero High lettering, also made from spandex so that it won't deteriorate or fade after multiple wears and washings. Two pink velt hair scrunchies with white piping complete the look.

As Juliet herself can attest, the uniform is both comfortable and unrestrictive, so zombie slayers will maintain full range of motion during their tumbling series, high kicks, and hurlings of the disembodied heads of the boys they love, and will never have to stop mid-chainsawing to pull out a wedgie. It also helps that the threads are so disconcertingly hot that even brain dead zombies will momentarily stop in their tracks, overcome with the urge to adjust their pants.

Lollipop Chainsaw ensembles do not include the pictured watch, wrist cuff, belt, red leg warmers, shoes, or chainsaw, though if you would like to add any of those items to your order, Threw will happily oblige.

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