Arkham Harley Quinn Costume

Posted: August 24, 2011
Arkham Harley Quinn Costume

Cartoons and reality have met, merged, and are now calling out to your carn(iv)al sensibilities. Sinister, hard-edged, Brooklyn-tongued Harley Quinn makes the likes of animated wet dreams Jessica Rabbit and Holli Wood seem so one note and vanilla. This resurrected badass has sometimes-lover the Joker's tricks up her sleeve, and the neuro-whirling powers of an Arkham Asylum shrink, so any girl who wears her corset will be sure to turn your ocean-view penthouse--or your mom's musty basement--into a funhouse both explosive and mind-blowing.

The corset is vinyl with metal rings, studs, and top stitching. It has front lacing grommets with grosgrain ribbon covering a snap-on "privacy" panel, and is boned with 28 pieces of poly boning. Each order is custom made to specified measurements, and the corset wearer, or the lucky viewer of the corset wearer, can choose between Arkham Asylum or Arkham City color schemes. If you're the penthouse, rather than the basement, dweller, and would like the corset in real leather instead of vinyl, contact the seller for details and negotiations.

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