Leather Cthulhu Mask

Posted: September 14, 2012
Leather Cthulhu Mask
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Cthulhu. Lovecraftian beast. Angry underwater god. Wicked Halloween, live D&D campaign, or fetish mask. This airbrushed, prismatic, green-tentacled face decor was handmade and handformed from 100% medium-weight vegetable-tanned leather. It includes 2 extra long black ties for securing to faces or backyard stakes, as well as ample-sized peep holes for taking in the gazes of reverence its wearer is likely to receive. Especially if the leather Cthulhu mask is all said wearer is wearing.

The green Cthulhu is already made and ready to ship, though vendor Parkers and Quinn would be down for custom-fabricating one in another color should anyone want to dress up as Cthulhu, but not actually be recognized as Cthulhu. Mask dimensions are 9-1/2" from top to longest tentacle, and 8" wide.

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