Harley Quinn PVC Catsuit

By: on October 05, 2012
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Given the popularity and loyal following of our last Arkham Harley Quinn costume, I admittedly questioned whether or not there was room for another. And after much deliberation, and approximately 72 minutes of gazing at both costumes' sets of photos, I decided that the answer is yes. Partly because the our original Harley Quinn costume is no longer available for purchase, and partly because this version of the Gotham City vixen garb is made of head-to-toe, 4-way stretch PVC, and served up catsuit-style.

Artifice Clothing, also responsible for the Sexy Tron Outfit, presents a form-fitting, liquid-rubber-looking, red-and-black suit of Whoa! for your costuming and cosplaying pleasure. The Harley Quinn shit stirrer features diamond appliques, an invisible zipper, and white PVC ruffles. Also included is a wicked horned hood that will announce the arrival of pranks and shenanigans, along with indisputable hotness, when the wearer enters a room.

Harley Quinns at heart should know this particular wardrobe accessory has a slim fit that works best for a 36" to 37" bust, 28" to 29" waist, and 38" to 39" hips. Heights of 5'5" to 5'7-1/2" are ideal for the catsuit to wear comfortably, and not asphyxiate its model.

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Sexy TRON Outfit


Wise shoppers know that when buying a gift, you should choose something for the recipient that you would never choose to buy for yourself. In that vein, this smokin' hot, 12-gauge clear plastic TRON corset lined with...

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Arkham Harley Quinn Costume


Cartoons and reality have met, merged, and are now calling out to your carn(iv)al sensibilities. Sinister, hard-edged, Brooklyn-tongued Harley Quinn makes the likes of animated wet dreams Jessica Rabbit and Holli Wood...

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TRON: Legacy Siren Gem Bodysuit

$2k from Dame Fatale »

Sadly, this bodysuit covers more skin than the TRON corset, but since it's made out of stretch fabric instead of 12-gauge plastic, it does allow for increased mobility during re-enactments of the movie's action sequences...

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The Darth Knight

$1,500 from Ebay »

You love Batman, but you're a loyal Star Wars fanboy. Halloween is coming up and you have a difficult decision to make. Can you betray Darth Vader for your new crush on the Dark Knight? Good news. You won't have to. Mash...

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Cereal Motel Adult Cereals

$12.50 from Cereal Motel »

Cereal Motel has a slightly different take on "adult" cereal than Fiber One and unfrosted Mini Wheats do. It's a take I like a whole, whole lot more than whole grains and improved bowel movements. Cereal Motel makes "deliciously...

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Evangelion Latex Test Plugsuit

$750 from Etsy »

Kayla Lael of Vengeance Designs knows that the highest and best use of latex is for cosplay costumes, and the highest and best echelons of cosplay costumes are intricate, provocative, and reveal large surface areas of...

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Raunchy Wrapping Paper (NSFW)

$6.19 - $7.69 from Amazon »

Raunchy Wrap R-rated wrapping paper reminds me of something my lyrical hero Ludacris once said during his guest vocals on Usher's smash hit dance track "Yeah": "I want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed." This...

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Show Me Your Kitty Panties

$10.90 from Etsy »

Cats hide in the darndest of places, don't they? Etsy shop owner Elena prints adorable images of kitties onto semi-sexy pairs of underwear to create the overall awesome effect of the literal cuddly creature ladies obsess...

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Darkfin Gloves

$25.95 from DarkfinGloves.com »

Ever wondered what it might be like to have webbed fingers? Wonder no longer. These durable latex rubber gloves will have you flying by other frogs in the water. Perfect for SCUBA diving, swimming, surfing, and even jumping...

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Stormtrooper Latex

$175 - $795 from Etsy »

Latex Star Wars Stormtrooper attire comes in a variety of cuts and styles so that all body types can find one that's suitable and flattering. And if you buy that I've also got an instant, no-fail national economic recovery...

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Spandex Black Cat Burglar Costume


What's better than an inked Felicia Hardy prancing around, getting limber on your pages of The Amazing Spider-Man as the Black Cat? A real live girl (or boy--we aim to please all orientations) prancing around, getting...

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Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

$26.47 from Amazon »

I wouldn't be a red-blooded American male if I didn't direct your attention to at least one sexy costume this Halloween. (Note to Ladies: My other qualities include strapping, sensitive, and available.) And since one...