Glowing Alchemist Helm Mask

Posted: October 16, 2012
Glowing Alchemist Helm Mask
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How is Glowing Alchemist Helm Mask creator Nathan Rodriguez living in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and not Hollywood? Or inside a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film? All of his leather designs are inventively conceived and impeccably crafted, and this one looks kind of like Skeletor if Skeletor had skin with third degree burns and some ornamental brass covering his face. Skeletor's eyes glowed red in the dark, right? The Alchemist's does. So does his coiled grille mouth and the tribal ponytail thing extending from the top of his head.

Rodriguez's handmade mask began as 8/9 oz veg tan leather, with an under-mask of 5 oz suede. EL wire runs between the two layers to generate the glowing effect in three modes of illumination--solid, slow flash, and rapid flash. All are accessible via a button controller. Additional materials used include waxed thread, glass vials, brass tubing and sheets, rivets, dyes, and acrylic paints. So make sure you're not allergic to any of those things before strapping this alchemical bad boy to your face and setting forth into the night to wreak havoc and turn lead into gold.

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