Dragon Slayer Leather Armor

Posted: May 19, 2012
Dragonslayer Leather Armor
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The practicality of slaying a dragon in 100% leather armor is questionable at best, but one thing's for sure: all the fair maidens who haven't seen this much cowhide since Kiss performed at the dairy farm are gonna dig it. Designed and handcrafted from 7/8 oz leather and 5 oz oiled leather by Etsy vendor Nathan Rodriguez, the Dragon Slayer's Bastion full upper modular armor comprises 13 separate pieces of corporeal shielding held together with included leather straps. All accoutrements are also sold separately, and made to order, so turnover time runs around 4 weeks. Rodriguez will gladly craft custom additions to the beastly vindicator upon request, but its standard set comes replete with:

  • Dragon Slayer's Bastion upper and lower masks
  • Left or right gauntlet, with adjustable straps for varying finger and hand sizes
  • Both simple and clawed wrist covers
  • Simple and dragon's head pauldrons
  • An arm of fury vambrace
  • An arm of fury scaled pauldron base
  • A pauldron connector

Whether a cosplay fan or not, it's hard to deny the creativity and Costco-sized jugs of elbow grease that went into conceiving and bringing the Dragon Slayer's Bastion to life. Kudos to Rodriguez for the detail, and truly stunning visuals. I think even Daenerys Targaryen would be so impressed by the man wearing this meticulous sheath of armor that she'd take a moment of pause before instructing her dragon babies to sick balls.

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