Wool & Prince Hardly-Ever-Wash-Me Shirt

By: on April 29, 2013

Do you know how many men in the Pacific Northwest are going to go apeshit when they find out about a wool shirt that will stay wrinkle- and odor-free for 100 days straight...without washing, ironing, or dry cleaning it? All of them. Like, 10 million. 20 million if you count the hermits, sociopaths, and Shady McShadersons hiding out in the Olympic National Forest. Dudes living in other parts of the United States might find Wool & Prince's dynamic button-down pretty alright too.

Though the 100% wool shirt masquerades as a standard piece of cubicle-dweller attire, designer Wool & Prince guarantees their creation is anything but. While other men's shirts soil in a day or two and wrinkle at the rub of a belly, this baby fights both odors and wrinkles for months at a time. Literally. 100 days was the test period for donning a Wool & Prince shirt with no form of maintenance other than the daily spritzes of Sure Fuck cologne wearers would use anyway. Here are some cool facts about wool that make a 100-days-in-a-row shirt possible:

  • Wool lasts 6 times longer than cotton.
  • Wool can be tortuously itchy, but this is based on the breed of sheep and coarseness of its wool. Wool & Prince uses a very fine wool and weaves it into their trademarked Cotton-Soft fabric for a soft, itch-free shirt-wearing experience.
  • Tests show wool fibers resist tearing and can do more than 20,000 backbends without breaking. That's some Cirque du Soleil shit there. Cotton snaps after 3,200 bends.
  • Wool has a natural crimp that preserves its shape, so it bounces back from movement and stretching without wrinkles.
  • Sweat alone has no odor. What reeks is the bacteria that develop on the skin if it stays there. Wool efficiently absorbs and evaporates sweat so stench has no opportunity to form.
  • Wool naturally insulates for warmth in winter and breathes for relief in summer.

And since we have yet to address the elephant of awesome in the room, here are some facts about the other half of the 100-day shirt's Wool & Prince eponym that contribute to its cause:

  • Prince is from Minnesota, and although he looks more like he is from Jupiter, I believe we all maintain a soft spot for our roots, and Minnesota + wool + plaid = nostalgic jackpot!
  • While Prince does not sing a smash hit about shirts, he does sing a smash hit about berets, which come in wool and are basically just shirts for your head.
  • I recently saw Prince and he is currently sporting a wicked 'fro. It looks like a beauteous pile of wool.
  • Prince likes ruffles. While Wool & Prince shirts do not feature ruffles, I have confirmed with a seamstress that they would be a cinch to add, and I'm pretty sure that if Prince incorporated wool ruffles into his wardrobe it would revolutionize the fashion industry.
  • Prince is 5'2" tall. In addition to medium and large, Wool & Prince shirts also come in size small.

The Wool & Prince Kickstarter campaign runs through May 22, 2013.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

December 2013 Update: The Wool & Prince button-up exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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