Watermelon Swimsuit

By: on May 23, 2015
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Oh goodness! I seem to have walked right into a watermelon! It feels so wet and squishy and...gooooood. The fruit of the summer becomes the suit of the summer with Batoko's jaunty watermelon one-piece. No word on whether it's scented--or flavored--but it sure does look sweet. And juicy. And like I would like a bite. But as my sage girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, says when I force myself to compliment her friends' clothes in return for brownie points: Is it the clothes or the girl in the clothes?

Sweet. Juicy. Would like a bite. Yes, She-Ra, you're right. It's probably the girl in the clothes.

The Watermelon Swimsuit is made of spandex and can double as a bodysuit for donning on dry land. Or you can just wear this equally sexy watermelon. Or bag the outfits entirely and just get it on in one.