The Watermelon Tent

Posted: March 19, 2012
The Watermelon Tent
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Pop art enthusiasts, soul foodies, and vegan grizzly bears, prepare to have your minds blown. The Watermelon Tent is a fantastically realistic slice of summer's finest, that's more than just a kitschy showpiece. Designed by Luke Bonner, and manufactured by FieldCandy, the mouthwatering camping companion comfortably sleeps two, and comes with two layers of outdoor cover. Its inner tent, a 100% cotton, fire retardant white sheath, is easily erected with snap-together poles, and secured to the earth with extra strong pegs, made of hardened, won't-bend-on-you aluminum. The watermelon overlay is completely waterproof--tested to a minimum of 3,000 mm Hydrostatic Head--and promises to keep its human contents dry even during the most unfriendly of weather conditions. Outer sheets are also treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

Watermelon tent dimensions are 11'8" long x 5'7" wide x 4'7" tall.

FieldCandy sells a full collection of fun, inspired, and double-take making tents, all with similar specs as the southern picnic star. So if watermelon gives you indigestion, check out the hunk o' cheese, the club sandwich, the campfire kiddies, or the Get a Room instead. All tent designs are limited editions, and each carries a tag designating it as such, as well as indicating its name and number in its respective series.

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