Harley Quinn Hoodie

By: on March 04, 2014

Gee boss, you really know how to put the fun in funeral. DC Universe supervillain Harley Quinn serves as the inspiration for another Geeky U reimagination of the hoodie. (Previous take: Link from The Legend of Zelda.) Called the Hardley Queen, this jester-hatted zip-up comes in a choice of red or black bases with handcrafted embellishments including the Harley TM'd motley pattern, fat white stitching, and jester tails stuffed rigid and and pom-pommed. The hoodie doesn't require me to adjust my fly in the same way this Arkham Harley Quinn costume does, but I think the former is probably a better choice for church, where I've been told it's inappropriate for me to do that anyway.

Note: Harley Quinn's pictured hammer is not included, as Geeky U does not want to be responsible for would-be asylum brats singing Peter, Paul & Mary songs.

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over your skull....

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Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt

$59.95 from Amazon »

Hairy Christmas, dudes! Wear this Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt to your holiday party and watch Mrs. Claus become Mrs. Can't Keep Her Claus Off You. You'll not only put all the other Ugly Christmas Sweaters to shame...

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Arkham Harley Quinn Costume


Cartoons and reality have met, merged, and are now calling out to your carn(iv)al sensibilities. Sinister, hard-edged, Brooklyn-tongued Harley Quinn makes the likes of animated wet dreams Jessica Rabbit and Holli Wood...

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Method Raincoat Sweatshirt

$99 - $109 from MINIM Gear »

What's the Method? Add 1 part sweatshirt, 1 part raincoat, and 3 parts 21st century textile hocus pocus to a pot, and simmer until soft, cozy, and hydrophobic. MINIM Gear is crowdfunding their Method pullovers and zip-ups...

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Super Mario Tanooki Suit Hoodie

$58.63 from Amazon »

Mario's Tanooki Suit. Ten-year-old me could not wait to score the onesie that would give me the power to fly and turn to stone and look like I'm humping the air - or maybe little Toad was under there - on the Super Mario...

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Baker Miller Naptime Hoodie

$318 from Vollebak »

Built-in nap protocol: score. Hydrophobic and water-repellent: score. Windproof: score. Cozy and insulated: score. The Baker Miller Hoodie scores a lot of points for being slick and functional. But how many does it lose...

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Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

$22.99 from Amazon »

I wouldn't be a red-blooded American male if I didn't direct your attention to at least one sexy costume this Halloween. (Note to Ladies: My other qualities include strapping, sensitive, and available.) And since one...

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Ramen Hoodie

$18.99 - $22.99 from Amazon »

Eat it or wear it, that's what my grandma used to say. It was meant to be a threat, but now that I see this delightfully loud and obnoxious Ramen Hoodie, I think I would like to retroactively choose the latter. I'll wear...

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World's Tackiest Sweaters

Flagrant foul. No words can describe these hideously tacky sweaters. Well, that's not quite true. These words can describe them: Skittles; cheeseburger; condoms; french fries; gummy worms; popcorn; palm trees; wafts of...

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Drinkmaster Hoodie

$59.99 from Zane Lamprey »

Unlike braces and Yoda, the Drinkmaster Hoodie checks in as both useful and good-looking. A sleek black fleece zip-up with a bevy of booze-specific pockets and effects, the Drinkmaster is the hardcore partier's ultimate...

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Harley Quinn Leggings

She's just been let loose to wreak havoc and revenge in Batman: Arkham City. Harley Quinn's equally deadly next stop? Ladies' legs. And this time, her weapon of choice is an explosive cocktail of Polyester and Spandex....

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Hoodies

$59.99 from ThinkGeek »

They may be only moderately reminiscent of the uniforms Picard & Co. wore in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but definitely these hoodies will be more comfortable, breathable, and sported acceptably by all shapes and...

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Harvard Law...Just Kidding Sweatshirt

$34.99 - $37.99 from Amazon »

I've been looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give my crestfallen cousin, who just received his rejection letter from Harvard Law. I hate my cousin. He's an insolent little twat. I was going to anonymously send...