Dapper Defender Armored Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

Posted: August 16, 2018
Dapper Defender Armored Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

While it's still not clear what a Graphene Jacket can do for you, there's no question what a motorcycle hoodie lined with Kevlar and CE-rated armor is here for. Dapper Defender's hoodie gives bikers some extra protection on the road without deviating too far from the look and feel of a normal hoodie.

On either side of the Dapper Defender Hoodie's 330GS DuPont Kevlar lining are a soft spun cotton outer layer and lightweight mesh interior lining. Even with the hoodie's removable shoulder, elbow, and spine CE-rated armor, Dapper Defender says you won't look bulky wearing it, and will have to pile on only another 3.25 pounds to your top and midsection. Psssh! I easily pile on that much extra when I order Chicago deep dish.

In addition, the hoodie is breathable, not designed to be wind-proof, so you can wear it without feeling stifled and overheated on warmer days.

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