Volleback Graphene Jacket

Posted: July 19, 2018
Volleback Graphene Jacket
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No surprise the forthcoming Graphene Jacket "experimental prototypes" will be birthed from the utili-couture loins of Vollebak. They're the same company responsible for the Baker Miller Naptime Hoodie, and known for their tech-infused take on apparel. But Vollebak - at least according to Vollebak - has outdone even a Solar Charged Jacket and 100 Year Hoodie with their incorporation of graphene into an otherwise pretty basic-looking lightweight coat.

I'm not doubting the badassery of graphene here. As Vollebak points out, it's one of the most amazing materials on Earth, at just 1 atom thick and more bulletproof than steel when layered 10 deep. But it's not clear what a graphene coating - and yes, it's just a graphene coating - is going to do for the Graphene Jacket. Vollebak doesn't really get into that on their hype page.

At printing, Vollebak was teasing the Graphene Jacket for a Summer 2018 release, and inviting those interested to get on a wait list to buy one of the prototypes when they come out. My sense is that aside from being ultra lightweight, and maybe super durable and tear-resistant, the Graphene Jacket won't come with any outerwear superpowers you can't already find in other clothing.

August 16, 2018 Update: The Graphene Jacket has made its debut. If you have the guinea pig gene and $695 in you, head over to the Vollebak store to become one of the "Part jacket. Part science experiment"'s first testers.

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