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Boomerang Wok

Sold Out from Amazon »

Ooh, it's a wok that doesn't make you play 52 Pickup with all the stuff you put in it. The Boomerang Wok features a "unique patented cupped edge" that enables Iron Chef-speed ingredient flipping and agitating with the...

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XTC Wood Headphones

$23.99 from »

Joining the ranks of wooden legs and wooden personalities: wood in-ears! (As they say, everyone's a comedian.) (But especially people like me who are hilarious.) These XTC earbuds feature black or red wood bodies whose...

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Dragon Cake Pan

$24.99 from ThinkGeek »

What's going to be harder: getting the cake eggs away from the dragon guarding them, or getting the cake eggs out of the Dragon Cake Pan without destroying them? Those with the ambition and determination of Dany Targaryen...

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CU.breaker Rubik's Cube Charger

With student Chang soo Lee's Cu.breaker concept you don't have to solve the puzzle, it does. This Rubik's Cube-esque device is a cell phone charger that 1) reflects rate and capacity of its device's charge and 2) shuts...

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Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book

$10.46 from Amazon »

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book is kind of like The Legend of Zelda in that you collect trinkets and clues along the way to help you reach the castle and discover the secret it holds at the end of your...

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Shelby Baja 700

Ski and snow machining season may be over, but next up: car camping and red dirt road runnin' season. And if you need a truck preying beast to serve as your 4-wheeled chauffeur, Shelby is offering up 50 of its limited...

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LUNALUXX Levitating-Disc-Activated Lamp

$130 from Elivatix »

What you can see very clearly is that the LUNALUXX is a lamp with a levitating disc. And if you understand the laws of physics, or have been following man's continued attempts to develop Hoverboard technology, you can...

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Black Peanut Butter

$5 from Frolic »

While I don't really know what's up with the price of Frolic's black peanut butter being quoted in Indonesian rupiah*, I do know what's up with its blackness. And it's not squid ink, medicinal charcoal, or blood infected...

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Orbit 3-in-1 Nano Speaker

$19.99 from »

Know that guy on the trail who, rather than electing to escape the pollutive cacophony of the city to bask in the serenity and simple sounds of nature like everyone else, blasts his EDM on a portable speaker as he hikes?...

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Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool

Hey it's a kazoo or a, uh, unraveling blowy thing the kiddos and incredibly irritating adults blow into to unravel at birthdays and New Year's. But this blow thing has taken on a new disguise: from party supply to exercise...

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Kitchen Apron with Built-in Oven Gloves

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Mitten Apron guarantees you'll never need to wonder where you left that oven glove, or risk finding out if the casserole dish is really still too hot to touch without one, again. Built-in hotness handlers make it...

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XM42 Handheld Flamethrower

$699 from XM42 »

The XM42 aims to be the world's first commercially available handheld flamethrower. Free of pressurized tanks and car-wash sprayers, and simple for most anyone to use, it also calls itself "what a real flamethrower should...

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MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot

The MiFi portable hotspot provides 4G WiFi to up to 10 devices in over 150 countries. Its touchscreen interface displays data usage, battery life, signal strength, and connected devices, plus enables the hotspot holder...

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TRX Suspension Training Home Kit

$179.95 from Amazon »

The hardness of the muscles you'll build from using the Navy SEAL-developed TRX suspension training system is directly proportional to the hardness of actually using the TRX suspension training system. Though there are...

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Darth Vader Color-Changing Lamp

$18.95 from Amazon »

Luke, I am your father. And as such, there are a few things you should know about me. For example, in my free time, I enjoy attending raves. Dancing one's ass off to Kaskade is an exceptional way to clear the mind and...

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Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Brewers

$310 - $7,300 from Dutch Lab »

Two things I don't know are what Dutch coffee even is and how to make even a cup of regular old coffee in the regular old coffee maker in our staff kitchenette (in fact, an office-wide vote has forbidden me from touching...

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Lomography 35mm Film Camera & LomoKinoScope

$59.99 from »

Oh boy, 35mm film? Analogue filmmaking? What will they bring back next?! (This guy votes for Crystal Pepsi.) Lomography tugs at your retro heartstrings with its Lomokino, a movie shooter capable of filming 144 frames...

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Steampunk Motorcycle with Firing Machine Guns

Putsch Racing calls their Steampunk attack bike the Aristo-cad. I think that's a great name. Very cool. Very fitting. And even if I thought otherwise I'd keep my fat mouth shut because this motorcycle also happens to...

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Giveaway: Elevate Portable Gas Grill

Sum-sum-summertime means grill-grill-grilling and nom-nom-nomming. And your toothsome trifecta starts right here: enter to win, and be one of the first to get your hands on, the Elevate Grill, a brand new portable gas...

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Kniper Throwing Knife & Multi-Tool

$145 from Kniper »

People around here seem to love knives and multi-tools. Multi-tools in particular are, like, the new bacon. Before, for at least a year, when I posted anything about bacon clicking fingers went hog wild (see: tactical...

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Ice Core Beer Pitcher

$18.50 from Amazon »

An Ice. Cold. Pitcher of Beer. That you don't have to chug to keep ice cold for more than a few minutes. KegWorks has designed their group-size suds container to maintain your 60 ounces of brew ideally icy for hours....

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Lockpick School in a Box


Obviously it's necessary to pick a lock only when you are a locksmith or have been kidnapped and held hostage in a locked room. Or, I guess, when you need to break into your ex-girlfriend's (aka Heart of Blackness) apartment...

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The Walking Dead One-Person Survival Kit

$78.41 from Amazon »

I don't know what's so Walking Dead about this one-man 72-hour survival kit, except that it's "officially licensed" and says, "AMC The Walking Dead" on its messenger bag content carrier. Maybe Darryl and Rick bled on...

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Sloth Tea Infuser

$8.09 from Amazon »

Uh oh. Mr. Sloth dozed off with his ass hanging in a cup of boiling water. And, mmmm, in contrast to skunk ass, sloth ass smells amazing. Like peachberry jasmine sutra. Or is that tranquil strawberry dream?...

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VSSL Flask Light

$77.99 from Amazon »

VSSL and its utility tube babies welcome a new bundle of joy to the family. One that will not only hold your booze, but also light your way out of the dive you take into the bushes behind the IHOP after gulping down too...

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Queensland Ironbark Drink Coasters

Grab your Foster's, Australian for "beer", and set it down on one of these branches of Queensland Ironbark, Australian for "coaster". The set of 6 drink platforms is handcrafted from the swirling colors and rich textures...

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Innori 22400mAh Portable Battery Pack

$39.99 from »

Like me, the Innori Portable Battery Pack is MASSIVELY POWERFUL. With 22,400mAh of fuel at full charge Innori's issue can re-up up to 3 gadgets at a time in one of its trio of USB ports. Two of the ports have been optimized...

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Double Hammock Sunbed

$114.99 from Amazon »

Now this is the kind of double-wide I can get on top of. Preferably with my new girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, all summer long. The canopied sunbed comfortably accommodates two happy loungers, both side-by-side...

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SOTO Pocket Torch

$19.54 from Amazon »

Grab any disposable lighter, slide it into SOTO's sweet little attachment, and let 'er blow. The Pocket Torch will corral your flame and enhance its output to temperatures of up to 2300 degrees F. An electric ignition...

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Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

$17.94 from Amazon »

Little punk water bottle. Thinking you can kick back and spread out all over the place. Like you got a first class ticket to ride in my pack. I've got news for self-entitled piece of BPA-free plastic:...

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Credit Card Ax

$29.80 from Amazon »

I can see thinking it would be nice to have a less bulky Swiss Army Knife. One that's flat even, and fits in your wallet. In other words, I can see the birth of the credit cart multi-tool. But who carries around an ax...

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Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan

$500 - $600 from Exhale Fans »

Not that Dyson hasn't proven that fans don't need to look like a duck and walk like a duck to be a duck, but the Exhale bladeless fan is still the strangest looking thing I've ever seen mounted to a ceiling. I don't even...

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SilverAir Anti-Odor Performance Clothing

$16 - $64 from Y Athletics »

Y Athletics weaves pure silver into the fabrics of their SilverAir line of performance gear to form an ionic shield against odor. They say the result is not only effective, but designed to fight odor naturally throughout...

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Beast Head Shot Glasses

$28 from Molla Space »

Try some hair of the dog from the head of the bear. Become strong like bull with shot from bull. Take off the sheep's clothing with 1.7 ounces of 151 straight from the wolf. Look into the eye of the tiger as it sends...

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Big Big Body Wipes

$8.89 from »

Big Big Body Wipes are for those who have just taken a giant s...print. Through the mud. Or an enormous d...unk. In slimy water. The supersized wet naps cater to anyone who has messed himself in big, big way. Forget about...

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Explorer Pro Selfie Stick

$34.99 from »

From weapons of mass destruction to implements of overt self-adulation. I think selfie sticks are the next atrocity we've got to worry about destroying humanity. But until that happens, I need a rugged and robust one...

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Air Vent Hidden Safe with RFID Lock

$219.99 from Amazon »

Tough tamales if you're looking for air circulation this summer, but here at least your cash, Glock, and Chewbacca bandolier signed by all passengers of the Millennium Falcon will be hidden away and protected. It's Quick...

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SpellBrite Portable Modular LED Letters

$63 - $549 from SpellBrite »

Need some help marking your territory? Cheering on your favorite team? Welcoming the neighbor's Swedish au pair you kindly volunteered to pick up from the airport? SpellBrite incorporates the brightness, flash, and impact...

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Shark Cocktail Shaker

$79 from Pottery Barn »

You better have giant hands, a solid grip, and no fear to mix up a margarita in this savage of the sea. Not only is the Shark Cocktail Shaker fashioned in the whole-body likeness of a behemoth great white, but it also...

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Vecto Bluetooth Speaker & Charging Station

$119.99 from »

Veho's Vecto is a speaker multi-tool. It pairs via Bluetooth and has an integrated microphone like most portable speakers these days, and is sheathed in a water-resistant housing like some, but continues bringing the...

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Wood Bathymetric Charts

$138 - $298 from Amazon »

Your favorite body of water, naked. This is a very seductive series of maps. The bathymetric charts, subsurface equivalents to topographic charts, are maps laser-cut into sheets of Baltic birch and hand-colored to depict...

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Audio Jammer with White Noise Generator

$137.24 from Amazon »

I'm not a spy and I'm not up to no good. Relatively speaking. But what I am is a man who values his privacy. A man who doesn't need his mama bugging his room with some sensor system she bought off QVC to listen to him...

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Triple Ninja Spike Bracelet

$21.99 from Amazon »

A dude wearing jewelry. It's a thin line to walk if you're not pierced or a rapper. Or married, I guess, though since I don't think of handcuffs as jewelry, I don't really think of a wedding ring as jewelry either. But...

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Tentsile Trillium Hammock

$250 from Amazon »

You might have previously seen another of Tentsile's hanging dens, the Stingray tree tent, around here. The Trillium hammock shares the Stingray's dangling disposition, with more portability, more variable usage options...

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Iron Man 2 Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

$289 from Amazon »

Even Tony Stark can't concentrate on anything else in the presence of the mesmerizing Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture. Not that Pepper's that interesting anyway. I'd probably be distracted by steam rising off...

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Izon View Security Camera

$79.95 from »

Keep your "Izon" your home, baby, pet, or office with this live streaming surveillance camera. The Izon View sets up simply and sits inconspicuously on any flat surface to help you monitor what's important to you no matter...

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WTF Prank Candles

$11.95 from WTF Prank Candles »

WTF does using the term "WTF" in reference to a candle mean? In a nutshell: "Mmmm, this smells incredible! Just like the apple pie my grandma used to make with the shortbread crust and the....gaaaaasssspppp!.

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Novelty Condom Cases

$8.99 from Amazon »

I don't know if these condom cases are for dudes or ladies, but I do know they're for condoms. Two big fat ones, according to their LA-based artist Jamila Starwater. She also calls them a "great ice-breaker and conversation...

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OwnPhones 3D Custom Printed Earbuds

$249 - $349 from OwnPhones »

Know what's as unique as a snowflake? Your ear canals. Everyone's and every one is sized and shaped just enough differently that no standard set of earbuds ever fits quite right. They either fall out when you work out...

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Serpentine Dragon Mug

$18.08 from Amazon »

This dragon mug is cool enough on its own and all, but the real draw here is the discount. Originally priced at $1,995, at printing this bad boy of fire was on sale for a whopping 99% off! From $2 grand to less than $20!...

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Geochron World Map & 24-Hour Clock

$1,795 - $4,295 from Geochron »

The Geochron is one of the coolest maps I ever saw. Not only is it all big and backlit, but the map itself is a conveyor belt driven left to right in sync with the earth's rotation. So at any given time the Geochron and...

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The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever

Sold Out from Amazon »

Now my favorite birthday gifts come in the form of a Peeping Creeper at the bedroom window or talking an amateur heavyweight UFC fighter into accusing my friend Cornelius of sleeping with his girlfriend, but if you're...

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Old Leather Balls Coat Rack

$235 from fitzsu »

Ma'am, you're doing a mighty fine job of cupping those old leather...uh...antique boxing glove-inspired coat rack components. Sportify your front entry, home gym, or mancave with this nod to the Ali days of boxing. The...

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Occam Coffee-to-Dining Table

I like that Occam guy. He invented the razor. Not the kind you shave with, the kind Matthew McConaughey used to convince Jodie Foster that she didn't jettison light years away in a space capsule to commune with aliens....

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Brik Case

$35 from Kickstarter »

Know what all dads need? Something else to persuade their kids to shake, press, and bang against their laptop lids while they're working. Brik should do the trick. Of course for the kidless out there, this nifty building-block-inspired...

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Voltron Cat Condo

$189.99 from ThinkGeek »

Interlock? Dynotherms? Infracells? Mega thrusters? You won't be needing any of those for this Voltron. This 6-foot-tall, fleece-covered super robot isn't here to defend the universe, he's here to entertain and give your...

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Game of Thrones Clue


Welp, it shouldn't be hard to find someone to play the murder victim in this rendition of my favorite board game. What will be hard about playing Game of Thrones Clue: uh, playing Game of Thrones Clue. It's like taking...

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Power Glow Bioluminescent Energy Drink

Throw away the EL wire and chemical-laced makeup. If you want to look like a club kid, Doctor Manhattan, or a walking biohazard, come the end of 2015 all you'll have to do is gulp & glow. On top of injecting your blood...

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Rebel 350 Compound Levering System Crossbow

$378.58 from Amazon »

Targets and prey not included. However, Southern Crossbow's Rebel 350 does come with 4 field tip arrows capable for flying up to 350 FPS behind its 155-pound draw weight and 14.2" power stroke. In an effort to "integrate...

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Clippa Hair Clip Multi-Tool

$9.95 from Amazon »

Sweet, now instead of asking my mama to carry my multi-tool in her purse, I can act like it's a fashion statement and have her carry it in her hair. The Clippa, like most women, is an accessory of many moods and dispositions....

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Miniature Cinder Blocks

$10.99 - $42.99 from Mini Materials »

My new lady friend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, has a chinchilla named Albert (not as cool as a hedgehog, but way better than a chihuahua), so I was thinking of getting some of these miniature cinder blocks to build him...

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The Walking Dead Motorcycle

You can't buy either of these, but Classified Moto might let you commission your own. The dudes behind this custom bike company collaborated with the dudes behind The Walking Dead to construct a pair of identical motorcycles...

Giveaway Closed

Giveaway: Soup Up Your Spring Mystery Box

Soup it up, pimp it out, give your spring a fat injection of awesome. Click here and enter to win Dude's Soup Up Your Spring Mystery Box. A $500+ value!...

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Mirrorman Suit

$2k from Etsy »

Mirror, mirror on my balls, who's the most desperate for attention of them all? Cosplay, Halloween, street performances, sure, they're all valid reasons to wear Etere Shop's Mirrorman Suit. But as the great Michael Jackson...

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Round Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Sold Out from Amazon »

Slice the cylinder and make it a circle. Stanislav Tatarinov previously created this sweet Cryptex USB flash drive, a functional puzzle with rotating Cryptex rings and numbers whose user-set code slides out a 16GB memory...

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Ego Boost Beauty Chocolate with Collagen

$13.39 from »

I have bad news and I have good news. The bad news: stuffing your face with chocolate will plump up your ass with unsightly cottage cheese-looking lumps of fat. The good news: stuffing your face with Ego Boost chocolate...

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Rolling Cooler with Fold-Out Table & Chairs

$75.76 from Amazon »

So I've hung out with this lady I met on the Internet 3 times now. Like, the same lady all 3 times. She has her own condo and speaks French and can cook pork chops as good as my mama. And now that it's time for date #4...

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Bobine Flexible iPhone Charging Dock

$24.99 from »

A Wired pick for favorite gadget/piece of gear last May, the Bobine is a charger, a dock, and a perpetually charmed cobra for your iPhone. The flexible 24" cable bends to many heights and angles for customized side-by-side...

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Oster Ironman Fitness Blender

Sold Out from Amazon »

Not that I have any shame when it comes to drinking things straight from their containers - milk, OJ, tequila - but sometimes it's trickier to do that with my smoothies and milkshakes on account of the unwieldy and wide-mouthed...

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Wireless Body Composition Scale

What happened to the days when girls were content to be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, and boys snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails? Now I have to find out how much...or little...of me is muscle, water, and...

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The Office Spartan

$39 - $56 from Missing Digit »

If you aren't into chopping and dicing, but find yourself using a pencil every now and then, you can still incorporate an ornamental piece of Sparta into your life. Missing Digit previously blessed us with the Sparta...

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Bodily Candles

$29.69 from »

Been looking for some tabletop art to spruce up the living room? How's about a pair of candles made from the ears of Sloth and the mouth of the fat lady's face Arnold wore in Total Recall? The

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Outdoor Drinkin' Tables

$1,450 - $1,850 from Horchow »

No need to walk to the cooler. No need to drink warm beer. Thank you, The Phillips Collection. Your Beverage Tables and their built-in ice pits will keep my brews cold and within arm's reach all summer long. The surgeons...

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YogaToes Sport Gel Toe Stretchers

$29.95 from Amazon »

If you can get past the fact that they look like the things ladies wedge between their toes to paint them, YogaToes sport gel toe stretchers could make your life from the ankles down a lot more comfortable. YogaToes spread...

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Black Ember Modular Backpacks

$180 - $265 from Black Ember »

If James Bond needed a backpack to tote his textbooks and laptop to physics class, I bet a Black Ember is what he'd choose. Modular, waterproof, and very, very black, these bags are customizable with an array of accessories...

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Goth Angel Fantasy Figurines


I'm not really into dolls or fairies...anymore...but if someone wants to commission me one of Shadowsculpt's goth angel fantasy figurines, let's just say I'm not going to regift it along with the label maker from Elaine....

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Urban Tool Shoulder Holsters

$39.90 - $159 from Urban Tool »

They lie somewhere between backpacks, messenger bags, and places to store your gun. They're Urban Tool Shoulder Holsters. And they may be eye-rollingly hipster, but hey, at least they also provide a compact means of stashing...

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Cyntur JumperPack Car Jump Starter

$99.99 from Amazon »

Portable jump starters could be the next wearables in the how-many-more-of-these-are-they-going-to-come-out-with department. Luckily for Cyntur: 1) We haven't gotten to that point yet; and 2) Most of the packs juiced...

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Black Flag Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

$78.55 from Amazon »

Know what's worse than chemicals and insecticides? Bugs. And places--backyards, campsites, the 6" radius around my head--swarming with them. And even though the Black Flag Fogger requires dousing a large area with insecticide...

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ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack

$84.99 from »

ChugPlug. That has a nice flow to it. In name and in function alike, according to this portable MacBook power pack. The ChugPlug delivers a consistent 3 to 4 hours of extra charge to a MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro when...

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Cold Steel 7" GI Tanto Knife

$34.62 from Amazon »

I say, why have a small child when you can have a knife the size of a small child instead? Seems like at least 988 people agree with me, which is how many Amazon reviews Cold Steel's GI Tanto has so far. Average rating:...

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ThermaSpring Solar Mat

$29.99 from Amazon »

I guess you gotta have a pool...or a really deep use the ThermaSpring Solar Mat, but as long as that detail is sorted out, here's a natural, cost-effective way to raise its temperature from SwimWays. Place...

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$50,000 Prop Dollars

$30 from Amazon »

Wamp, wamp. It's what Data really found in that bag of "Fifty dolla bill! Fifty dollar bill!" Fake money. Forged moolah. Or, more literally, a Hollywood prop. And if you're looking for a stack of worn, distressed replica...

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Revogi Smart Power Strip

$99.99 from Revogi »

Revogi likes smartness and they like Roy G Biv. The company that brought us this smart LED light bulb now has a smart power strip to match it. Revogi's 6-outlet strip connects to your Wi-Fi network and a Revogi app to...

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InfiniteUSB Cords

$12 - $80 from InfiniteUSB »

Someone had their thinking connector plugged in when they came up with InfiniteUSB cords. Can you see how swell this is? Sacrifice one of your precious laptop ports to plug in a USB and look what you've done: created...

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Tiny Hardware Firewall & 1-Yr VPN Subscription

Smaller than a deck of cards! More robust than a Nordic ice hiker named Sven! Able to protect your most precious devices from unwanted connections that could lead to identity theft, surveillance, and tracking activities!...

Giveaway Closed

Giveaway: Hand-Eye Supply Tool Kit

Hammer it out, nail it down, crack one open, and don't screw it up. With a bandana. Enter to win the nuts & bolts...or, more literally, the saws & hammers...of a lifelong tool kit from Hand-Eye Supply. A $320 value!...

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Fly Pedals Universal Clipless Platform Adapters

$39.95 from Amazon »

You've been them or you've seen them: cyclists waddling like penguins around the Starbucks in hard plastic shoes with bulbous cleats sticking out after a ride. Looks ridiculous. Probably doesn't feel that great either....

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Anti-Bear-Attack Pack

$149.99 from UDAP »

Obviously the best thing to do when a grizzly is attacking you is punch it in the face or, if you're a lady, kick it in its twig & bear-ies. But if for some reason when the moment comes you can't remember how to make...

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Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds

$29.99 from »

Cloud Buds. Ahhhh...those words remind me of something really spectacular I smoked once. But in this case they refer to super white, super light earbuds that connect cord-free to devices up to 30' away. The Bluetooth-enabled...

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GoStak Twist n' Lock Storage Jars

$10.38 from Amazon »

The makers of the BlenderBottle protein shake shaker also have a way for obsessive athletes, bodybuilders, and dieters to portion out and schlep along their supplements and dry edibles. GoStaks are towers of individual...

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SOS Boxer Briefs with Condom Pocket

Nothing tells your date, I was pretty sure I'd get lucky tonight, like a sexy pair of boxer briefs. With a built-in condom pocket. Hidden with great metaphor behind a lifesaver stitched to the right thigh. Ah, the only...

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Wine Purse

$22.95 from Amazon »

So is this why women carry around purses the size of their chest cavities? They're packing 3 liters of wine (with complete tapping system!) everywhere they go?...

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PowerShade Solar-Powered Beach Umbrella

$149 - $219 from PowerShade »

I can hear the naysaying negative Nellies now: The beach is for disconnecting!; Can't you enjoy nature for an hour without your laptop?; Why don't you just stay home, A-hole? Um, because I would like to get a tan, and...

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Cyclist's Turn Signal Gloves

$59.95 - $69.99 from Amazon »

I guess if you don't know that a straight arm means left and a bent elbow means right - which, let's face it, a lot of people probably don't - then Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves would be of great benefit, both to the...

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Bussola Mechanical Skeletel Sculpture

While artist Jennifer Townley's Bussola is intricate and enamoring enough that I could probably watch it move all day long, for some reason watching it at all brings great uneasiness to my heart. Maybe it's the lumbering...