Wagner HT400 Heat Gun

Posted: November 19, 2019
Wagner HT400 Heat Gun
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Not that you don't have enough blowers of hot air in your life, but if you'll give the Wagner HT400 Heat Gun just a moment of consideration, it might prove to be the one whose searing breath can actually do you a service. Multiple services, according to Wagner.

From the workshop to the craft table to the kitchen, the HT400 Heat Gun can make an insta-mold, insta-melt, insta-shrink, and / or insta-dry contribution to projects such as:

  • Applying heat shrink tubing around wire
  • Drying paint and spackle
  • Embossing cards and shrink wrapping holiday gifts
  • Removing stickers and decals
  • Drying Ninjabread Man cookie icing
  • Making jewelry
  • Melting candle wax
  • Repairing smartphones and tablets

The HT400 Heat Gun has 2 temperature settings, low at 450 and high at 680 degrees F.

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