Ninjabread Men Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Posted: October 26, 2019
Ninjabread Man Cookie Kit
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With their Ninjabread Men Gingerbread Cookie Kit, Brand Castle hasn't just packaged up a fun and tasty holiday baking experience for all the mamas, pops, kids, and geeks out there, they've also assembled some worthy opponents for the Fred & Friends Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters that appeared amongst the very first posts around here 8 years ago.

Eight years of the Dude, can you believe it? How's that for a roundhouse kick square to the face of the naysayers who said I'd never make anything of myself (i.e., Aunt Jan, cold- and coal-hearted ex-girlfriend Karen)?

Unlike Fred's set of cookie cutters only, this Ninjabread Men Kit also comes with the gingerbread cookie mix, royal icing, and candy beads. You'll get 4 ninjabread men cookie cutters as well, primed and ready to fight off all the nasty peanut butter blossoms and Cornflake wreaths.

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