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By: on January 16, 2013
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I was going to call Logan Pearce's handmade knives, which seem to grow seamlessly out of manly implements such as wrenches, bolts, rebars, and tire irons, "Tool Man Knives". But "tool" has such a negative connotation anymore, especially when used to describe a man. I know because I hear it...I mean say it...often. The point is, Pearce's exceptional creations deserve nothing even flirting with negativity permeating their pristine aura, so despite having once been fully-functional tools with a masculine edge, they are now just Man Knives.

A third-generation knife maker, Logan Pearce learned all of his forging skills from his grandfather, Perry Pearce, the elder having spent over 25 years transforming everyday objects--particularly railroad spikes--into blades both functional and pleasing to the eye. The younger Pearce continues to employ the traditional method of heating his chosen metal tool to high temperatures in a coal fire or gas forge, and then beating it into shape with a hammer.

Current testosterone-charged knife selections in his online store, each etched with the "Pearce" name, include:

  • Ponyshoe Knife. 6" overall length. $20.
  • Wrench Knife. 9" overall length. $30.
  • Rebar Knife. 10" overall length. $35.
  • Bolt Knife. 8" overall length. $35.
  • Horseshoe Knife. 8" overall length. $40.
  • Tire Iron Knife. Length not listed. $45.
  • Railroad Spike Knife. 9" overall length. $50.
  • Rasp Cleaver. 11-1/2" overall length. $75.

If you're in the market for a railroad spike knife and having trouble getting your hands on one of Pearce's, check out blacksmith Jeremy Duke's collection as an alternative.

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Jagdkommando Knife

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If you're looking to stab someone in the back, knife them in the heart, or just royally screw them over, Microtech's MCT1057 Jagdkommando fixed blade knife is the definitive way to do it. A version of the manufacturer's...

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Zombie Hammer Survival Tools

$79.95 - $139.95 from Zombie Hammer »

"Zombie Hammer survival tools are designed to last longer than cockroaches." Longer than cockroaches! Now that's a sell. This knuckle dustered cache of apocalyptic weapons must have a collective immune system of steel!...

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The Cache Belt

$25 - $95 from Wazoo Survival Gear »

Sometimes you need a fishing hook in the middle of Denali. Sometimes you need a bottle opener in the middle of a Monday morning meeting. The Cache Belt can help you out with both lifesavers in both spots. Plus a needle...

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Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. Folding Knife

$29.93 from Amazon »

The Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. folding knife listing neglects to explain its M.A.G.I.C. acronym, so at first I thought maybe it didn't stand for anything, that the caps and dots are just there for their imposing, visual...

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Belt Buckle Knife

$65 - $95 from Bowen Knife Company »

Well I just hope the sheaths in Bowen's blade-wielding belts are secure and hefty enough to preclude any potential slippage or puncturing in the vicinity of the most important part of my body. The last thing I need from...

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Air Hammer Compressed Air Tool

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The Air Hammer from Ingersoll Rand uses compressed air to deliver a 2-5/8" stroke and 3,500 blows per minute. It comes with a 3-piece chisel set to, uh, drive the job home. Use it to cut metal, fix exhaust systems, and...

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Off-Grid Knives Stout Drop Point Blade

$37.95 from Amazon »

I don't think Off-Grid Knives named their Stout Drop Point Blade after the beer. The "Fat Boy" blade is 2.25" x 1.3" wide and weighs an Eric Cartman (i.e., beefy) 5.29 ounces. Off-Grid says their little chub is "built...

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Throwing Card Knives


Watermelons. You poor bastards. Always on the receiving end of novelty weapon violence. The Gotcha Cap. The Unbreakable Slugger Umbrella. The Blade Driver Crossbow. And now...the Queen of Hearts. That bitch....

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Knork Matte Black Titanium Flatware

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Modern, industrial, functional, and Black. Knork's set of matte black flatware brings the company's combo cutlery concept to the Dark Side....

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THOR Hammer Tool Kit

Utilitarian cosplay. How many occasions do you have to use those two words together in a sentence? (And can you say them 5 times fast?) Ever since I got the ix-nay on wearing my "formal and "functional" Mongol armor suit...

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M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife

It's probably nowhere near the Jagdkommando knife in performance, but on the (very far) upshot, the M48 Cyclone fixed blade knife is also nowhere near the Jagdkommando in price....

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Handmade in Japan Higo no Kami Knife

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Each of these Higo no Kami knives, traditional Japanese non-locking folding blades, are handmade and imported directly from Japan. And if you don't believe me, believe the superb English translation of their product description:...