Railroad Spike Knives

Posted: September 20, 2012
Railroad Spike Knife

Blacksmith Jeremy Duke has four things to say about his Railroad Spike Knives. They are 1) forged for our pleasure and 2) predominantly novelty items, but 3) can be used to F someone up as a weapon, although he makes them 4) mostly for looks and fun. So basically, go ye into the night slashing and stabbing if that's your thing, but don't blame me if someone gets hurt, 'cause I just think they're pretty.

Oh, and they make good groomsmen gifts. Duke also sells his chiseled, whittled, and contorted former train accoutrements in sets of 4 to 10 for brotherhood bonding gifts, and can personalize the blunt end of the spike with initials, dates, and small designs (check out the skull below) for an additional $5 or more.

Railroad Spike Knife blades measure 9" total, with 5" handles and 4" blades. Since all pieces are made by hand, knife sizes and visuals may vary slightly.

Muchas danke to Shawn U. for the product suggestion.

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