Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

By: on August 22, 2013
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Oh boy, it's like a dinosaur mixed with a firefly mixed with that neat-o photosynthesis word I learned in middle school. Dino Pet, a compilation of living, bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates housed in an apatosaurus-shaped container, has volunteered to teach your children about science and responsibility, plus ease their fears of the dark, plus look super wicked rad.

Dinoflagellates are a species of unicellular marine algae that glow, or bioluminesce, in response to shake, shake, shaking like a Polaroid picture. In Dino Pets, they grow and "charge" in indirect sunlight/under a low watt bulb during the day, and then beam that magical, trippy blue-green color when kids, or grown-ass men, play with them at night.

ODD BONUS: Though not recommended, creators Yonder Biology note that the Pyrocystis fusiformis species of dinoflagellates used in Dino Pets are not toxic, and therefore will not require a lengthy tete-a-tete with Poison Control if kids, or grown-ass men, drink them in an effort to make themselves glow. It won't work though. People can't glow, they just can't, and the only reason anyone says any differently to pregnant women is so that they'll feel less bad about being fat and weird-looking. But I bet if you drank a Dino Pet it would taste like getting body slammed by a huge wave and resurfacing with a wad of seaweed in your mouth. So again, not recommended.

Dino Pets typically live for 1 to 3 months, though life extension is possible through feeding them a supplemental growth medium purchasable separately from Yonder Biology. Dinoflagellate refills will also be available. To become a glow-in-the-dark algae-apatosaurus owner, pledge for your Dino Pet on Kickstarter through September 15, 2013.

June 2014 Update: Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Dino Pets are available for purchase directly through maker Biopop's Website--follow the link below.

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