Your Face Wedding Cake Topper

By: on March 06, 2012
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Your face on the wedding cake topper? Hell yeah! This is, after all your mother f'in' day, and for once, just once, everything damn well should be all about you! Oh, and whomever that person standing next to you in front of the preacher is. These big day figurines, part of the 3D Mini Me line, are hand-molded by Amsterdammer Pablo Bran into whimsical cartoon likenesses of the bride and groom. Couples can either choose which of a series of pre-made bodies they want their heads to grace, or, for an extra fee, design their own top-to-bottom caricatures. The artist will even replicate the bride's actual dress, and the groom's actual bulging...biceps.

Standard personalized wedding cake toppers are approximately 3 inches tall, and crafted from head shots of the bride and groom. Ideally, customers will send 4 angle photos each of their heads, along with their eye color choice (options of black, brown, amber, green, and blue), and the best choice of all. Which isn't even really a choice. Because...

...it's between a fixed head and a bobblehead! Who doesn't want their very own, custom-made, bobblehead! wedding day memento? Get one of those babies, and your guests will be so enamored with your groovin' mugs, you can almost just secure the topper to a fat pile of day-old Krispy Kremes, and save yourself from the financial dagger of 4 tiers of devil's food draped in 672 hand-piped, dusted pink and eggplant purple roses. The only drawback is the redneck cousins on your mom's side are all going to try to steal it to mount on their dashboard.

Shipping is available worldwide, and delivery time is approximately 15 working days.

To read more about the personalized wedding cake toppers' online marketplace, Custom Made, check out our cigar box guitar feature.

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