Cigar Box Guitar

Posted: March 05, 2012
Padron Cigar Box Guitar
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Bust out some some bluesy jams, and tell Siri to call you "BB King" with these cigar box guitars, in tobacco brands Padron 9 and El Baton. The smoke boxes are detailed and expanded, with fretted butternut necks and rosewood fretboards. A mag pickup at the neck, and a transducer under the bridge comprise the instrument's electronics, and volume, tone, and blend pots create the sounds that make the ladies get up off their honky tonk badonkadonks.

Delta south slide blues manipulator Wayne Bock makes all guitars to order. Pick one currently in his repertoire, or tell him about your dream cigar box strummer--from wood species to number of strings and key notes--and he'll design one for you from scratch. He can also put together just the basic skeleton of your guitar, and leave the rest for you to bedazzle on your own. Prices for the various tiers of service range from $150 to $650. Read more about personalizing one of Wayne's Garbocks Guitars here.

Cigar box guitars' online marketplace, Custom Made, allows buyers both to peruse existing projects--and custom order any that suit their fancy--and to put in requests for an artist to custom design just about any creative masterpiece the buyer wants. Rachel McAdams' ring in that Vow movie. The bookcase your grandpa used to have in his den. A pimped out, gold-plated, solid cherry steering wheel for your Delorean. There are currently over 3,000, independent makers to choose from.

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