In-Home Fireworks Theater

Posted: November 05, 2012
In-Home Fireworks Theater

With this In-Home Fireworks Theater, you can now say, "Happy New Year!", "Happy Birthday, America!", and "Happy Sweet 16, spoiled brat with a rich daddy!" 365 days a year. From the comfort of your own living room, no less. Sega Toys, purveyors of the Bathtub Planetarium, have revamped their light show into fiery bursts, and added the ocular thrills of animation and the aural stimulation of sound effects. All that's required--aside from $250 for the projection device--is an empty wall and a shroud of darkness.

Note: The In-Home Fireworks Theater ships directly from Japan, and is apparently intended exclusively for the Japanese, as instructions for use do not come in English. Operation, however, seems to be no more extensive than flipping an On/Off switch, so 40%, maybe 50% of us should be able to figure it out without a written step-by-step.

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