Bathtub Planetarium

Posted: March 30, 2012
Bathtub Planetarium
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Bathe with the stars! Well, the battery-operated, not the hydrogen and helium gas, kind. Or the Jennifer Lawrence/Ryan Gosling kind for that matter. Still, the Homestar Spa, a planetarium for the bathtub, hot tub, or indoor pool, is pretty nifty with its night sky either projected in panorama across the ceiling above, or beaming through the water, enveloping the soaker below. Sega Toys' Saturn-shaped module has two additional illumination settings as well--Deep Blue, a peaceful glow with the accompanying shadow of a slightly less peaceful stingray; and Rose Bath, spectral floral doilies in a salmon shade.

The miniature planetarium floats pristine at the water's surface, just like rubber duckies and runaway Band-Aids, and is easily flipped 180 degrees to change the canvas for its starry brilliance. Runs on 3 AA batteries, and includes replacement bulb.

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