Celliant Sleep Boomerang Memory Foam Pillow

Posted: August 08, 2017
Celliant Sleep Boomerang Memory Foam Pillow
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One time I threw a boomerang and it came back and sliced me in the neck. So I'm glad to see this Boomerang Memory Foam Pillow is here to cradle and support and eliminate pain from my neck, and maybe make some amends for its fellow countryman's being a giant a-hole.

Celliant Sleep's Boomerang stuffs its memory foam guts inside a curvy, 3-headed design so it will look more like a fidget spinner, and therefore sell better.


They did it so you'll be able to find a "comfort zone" on the pillow regardless of what position you choose to sleep in. Reviewers report best-night-sleep levels of enthusiasm on their stomachs, sides, and backs.

And speaking of backs, Celliant Sleep shows another benefit of the Boomerang's shape as its placement versatility. When you're not horizontal, set the pillow behind you in a chair or on the couch for back cushioning and support.

The Boomerang's visco elastic memory foam moves according to heat and pressure, adjusting its own shape to accommodate yours, and reducing the pressure on your body. Pressure reduction translates to less vein constriction, and normal blood circulation; the numbness that occurs, and causes tossing and turning, during sleep is gone.

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