A Hole Paperweight

Posted: June 02, 2016
A Hole Paperweight
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Happy Father's Day, old man. Remember all those times you told me how when you found out Mom was pregnant with me you said you needed another kid like you needed a hole in the head? And then after I was born, and as I grew up, I just kept confirming how right you were? Welp. Here's a hole to commemorate your feelings about me.

And also mine about you.

Fred Conlon handmakes these superb and superbly clever A Hole Paperweights from reclaimed steel in his Salt Lake City, UT studio. Give one to your favorite jerkus majorus, wrap it up as a joke, or just sit the paperweight on your own desk and see how many co-workers filtering through figure it out. It takes one to know one, yeah?

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