Whale Coffee Mug & Cookie Holder

By: on March 17, 2016
  • Whale Coffee Mug & Cookie Holder
  • Whale Coffee Mug & Cookie Holder
  • Whale Coffee Mug & Cookie Holder
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This whale mug with cookie-holding mouth would have to be life-sized to accurately reflect the number of frosted shamrocks I ate last night in a St. Paddy's Day / NCAA Tourney warmup session, and also the amount of coffee I needed this morning to counteract the green beer I drank to wash them all down. One thing the mug does get right: it's shaping up to be a whale of a March.

Though it can't match the awesomeness of the Cookie Monster guarding your pastries and baked goods in cup form, the whale mug still scores points as a girlfriend / Mother's Day gift with its cheeky storage slot and blow hole heat-trapping, slosh-averting lid.

One downside to adding a food station to the whale mug is that its liquid portion can now hold only 5 fluid ounces, which isn't nearly enough coffee to go with a glazed chocolate old fashioned donut.

It might be enough Jameson though.