Cookie Monster Mug

Posted: May 16, 2013
Cookie Monster Mug
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Designer Samantha Ulrich calls this her Googly Eyed Monster Mug, I guess due to Sesame Street's having a corner on the market of using the words "Cookie" and "Monster" consecutively. Which, on the one hand, is kind of BS seeing as they are both common, frequently used words that should have no usage restrictions attached to them...but on the other is kind of understandable because the icon that is the Cookie Monster--and even the idea of a monster existing solely to wreak havoc upon and devour all the world's cookies--is some damn good material, and if I were the Mensa mind who came up with it, I'd C-with-a-circle that shit too.

Ulrich uses ceramic for her monster mug-cookie compartment combos. Each holds 12 ounces of liquid and, from the looks of it, 2 Chips Ahoy!, which is about 1/10th the number I personally would eat were I to open a bag. Cornelius once pointed out--and this may be one of about five astute observations he's ever made--that cookie package nutrition information always lists the serving size as 2 or 3, when really they should list it by a number more realistic to what people will actually be eating in a sitting. We recommend listing by the sleeve.

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