VIA All-in-One Cooker

By: on October 30, 2012
VIA All-in-One Cooker

The latest in shoebox living, Buse Ustun of Ankara, Turkey created VIA particularly for young adult couples cohabitating in tiny apartments with limited kitchen space. The compact, modular cooker incorporates all major kitchen heating elements--an induction cooker, grill, griddle, and steamer--into its trapezoidal base with fold-down flaps and accessories stashed in three drawers running down the front.

The induction cooker, or stovetop equivalent, sits at VIA's center. Other modules affix to the device's right and left side flaps, which flip down and rotate to parallel with the counter surface. Once the module intended for use is slid onto the flap, it summons a portion of the electrical flow, and its icon indicating activation appears on a screen at the front.

In addition to portable and space-conserving, Ustun designed VIA to be simply assembled and disassembled, and probably more importantly, easy to clean. While not yet in production, she, like Papilla USB Heated Lunchbox creator, Burcin Ceren Olcum, is featuring her cooker on Behance. Behance is a venue for artists and designers--particularly students--to showcase their ideas, generate interest and support, build networks, and potentially attract investors.