Papilla - USB Heated Lunchbox

Posted: April 29, 2012
Papilla - USB Heated Lunchbox

Papilla is a USB (and battery) powered lunch box that will reheat its contents. Turkish industrial designer Burcin Ceren Olcum created it so that busy professionals and people on the go have an option to enjoy healthy, homemade food quickly, and from anywhere. The lunchbox's cord can plug into a computer's USB port for easy rat race reheating, or tap into its rechargeable batteries to elevate leftover beef stew and spaghetti bolognese from chilled and gelatinous to piping hot and palate pleasing.

An equal parts simple and highly useful concept, executed with a chic, low-profile design, Papilla just might revolutionize working through lunch, long flights, all-night cramming sessions, and day hikes. Its one crushing downside is that a heated lunchbox could be the final blow to children of foreign nationals, whose sole argument for bringing a turkey sandwich to school--and averting the ridicule and gagging sound effects of their cafeteria cohorts--was that they couldn't eat goulash or moussaka or sukhi daal cold. Thanks to Olcum, that which can be eaten, but not pronounced, now has a standing invitation to reheat in a food container that is both portable and practical.

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