SpiceStack Spice Organizer

Posted: August 14, 2017
SpiceStack Spice Organizer
$29.99 - $38.92
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SpiceStack is a rack that tucks away your herbs on tidy shelves when you don't need them, and then flips them down for easy viewing and easier access when you do. And for once, I'm talking about the herbs that go in your chilis and roast chickens, not your magical butters and ice pipes.

Available in 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-bottle organizers, the SpiceStack holds both full- and half-size round and square spice bottles in its nifty fold-down drawers. When pulled out fully, each of the 3 draws pitches forward to bring spices into full visibility and reachability without detaching from the base unit. And without letting the bottles tumble out onto your counter, or into your vat of beef stew.

Get even more organized with the SpiceStack's included pre-printed and blank drawer labels. Place them on the front of the drawers to designate which spices are on which level. SpiceStacks are stackable if you need to gang up more than one for your extensive curry powder and paprika collections.

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