The Frost Pipe - DIY a Pipe from Ice

Posted: June 06, 2017
The Frost Pipe - Make a Pipe from Ice

This Frost Pipe isn't made of no corn cob, and it's not for kiddies building snowmen (or kiddies at all.) This Frost Pipe is a 3-piece freezer mold that lets you DIY your own pipe out of ice. What the Ice Luge is to drinkers, the Frost Pipe is to smokers.

Fill the Frost Pipe chamber with water, add the stopper, and stick it in the freezer for several hours. If you want to get creative, add some food coloring to the water. Or better, pour in some Kool-Aid or 7-Eleven Slushie instead. Or better, pour in a little Kool-Aid and freeze, and then some Slushie and freeze, and then some more Kool-Aid, and some more Slushie, and...Unicorn Pipe!

Once frozen, the molded pipe slides out to reveal a hollow tunnel through center to conduct smoke and a dimple on top to house your tobacco (or "tobacco.") It sits in an included drip tray for inhalation enjoyment. If your inhalation enjoyment doesn't last as long as the Frost Pipe, you can put it back in the freezer for later use.

Frost Pipe sets include the freezer mold, stopper, drip tray, a pair of screens, and some Frost Pipe stickers. If you need a real cool (ice cold!) addition to summer, or gift for your next party, here's your chance to test your lips and lungs out on a Frost Pipe.

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