Sparta Knife Block

Posted: October 03, 2014
Sparta Knife Block
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I think the Sparta Knife Block is even better than the Ex Knifeholder because while they are both clever ideas, the Sparta version connotes a brave and stoic warrior defending me instead of an angry and vengeful woman puncturing my vital organs, and is therefore less scary for me to look at. And even if he's on the attack, I think I would rather look a Spartan aiming a 9' spear at me in the eye than my ex-girlfriend Karen aiming her eye at me in the eye any day.

Officially titled the "Bad Ass" Sparta Knife Block, this kitchen soldier holds standard knives and a sharpening steel in his mixed maple-walnut wood shield and hand. He stands permanently on guard at 12" x 8" x 6", and is available in a very limited handmade edition of 50.

The Sparta Knife Block is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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