Slice a Recipe Cookbook to Improve Knife Skills

Posted: June 03, 2013

One of the first things you learn at Carulla Cooking School in Bogota, Colombia is how to use a knife. That's after you learn one of the first things you learn in Bogota, Colombia, which is how to use a gun (and where to buy a bulletproof Polo). So Juan Jose Posada has designed this, I have to say pretty terrific, cookbook concept, the Slice a Recipe, to help students develop their cutting skills. In order to see the recipes within, users must slice apart individual pages along a thin cutting line. As someone who has never cut anything in a straight line with any implement--knife, scissors, professional paper cutter--in his entire life, I'll grant this is a tough task and the cookbook probably a very valuable teaching tool. Errors reveal a resounding wamp! wamp! in the form of hacked up recipes and directions for how to proceed in the rest of the day's class when the book is opened.

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