Quik-Serve Conveyor Toaster

Posted: October 03, 2014
Quik-Serve Conveyor Toaster
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A pack of Toastabags, a Quik-Serve conveyor toaster, a couple loaves of bread, a couple pounds of cheese...huh. I might not starve to death when my mama goes out of town next week after all.

West Bend makes this 1400-watt assembly line toaster to churn out evenly browned toast by the twos in only 90 seconds. An extra-wide insertion slot accommodates bagels and muffins as well, and the Quik-Serve's semi-transparent black cover gives enthusiastic kitchen audiences a glimpse into sliced bread's most shrouded rite of passage.

The conveyor toaster has 6 browning settings and its bottom crumb tray is removable for serving and storage.

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