Posted: May 09, 2012
Boska Holland Toastabags
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I know at least one person getting Boska Holland's ToastaBags for Father's Day. On the rare occasions my dad is forced to spearhead his own feedings, he likes to make grilled cheese sandwiches. And the way my dad makes grilled cheese sandwiches is he puts two pieces of Wonder Bread in the toaster, then right when they pop up, he grabs them and smashes a slice of American in the middle, hoping the pressure of his palms and strength of his will can diffuse enough heat to melt the cheese. You see, when my mom goes out of town, it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

ToastaBags eliminate the need for stove tops, skillets, and desperate compression, yet still dish up perfectly bronzed, gooey, and scrumptious grilled sandwiches. They've been a mainstay in the UK--especially in the UK's pubs, and especially at 1 a.m.--for several years now, but can't truly break into the US until they successfully reverse the hex put on them by the sadistic Burger King and the guy who owns Domino's.

To achieve melted bliss, stuff your favorite slices of bread with cheese, and preferred cheese adherents--ham, bacon, tomatoes, roasted peppers, mustard, Bacon Jam--slide the assembly into a ToastaBag, and drop it into the toaster. About 3 minutes later, an odiferous parcel of crisp, cheesy excellence will ascend, with no crumbs or lactose remnants left caked to the toaster grilles, and nary a dish getting soiled.

Each ToastaBag in this set of 3 has a 50-use lifespan, and may be cleaned in the dishwasher or with warm water. In addition to dads, they are also ideal for children 10 and up, who will be able to fix themselves a quick snack or lunch-on-the-go without filthifying the kitchen, or burning the house down.

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