Death Star Cutting Board

Posted: April 23, 2014
Death Star Cutting Board
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And I thought it couldn't get any better than R2-D2 measuring cups. Well, really, R2-D2 measuring cups are better than a Death Star cutting board, if for no other reason than their deconstruct/reconstruct Russian doll attributes, but replacing my current slab of wood with a Death Star worktop saver will still be a crucial step towards transforming my mama's kitchen into the ultimate shrine to Star Wars. Definitely superior to my friend Cornelius' homage to Doctor Who bathroom.

At 11.8" in diameter the Death Star kitchen companion is slightly smaller and less dimensional than its galactic inspiration, but what it lacks in hulking presence it makes up for in versatility. In addition to a chopping surface, the odor-, scratch-, and stain-proof board can also act as a trivet or serving platter. So don your Darth Vader Apron, use your R2-D2 portioners to dump some flour, sugar, and butter in a bowl, and then lay a fresh plate of Wookiee Cookies across your culinary Death Star just in time for the Syfy channel's Episodes I - VI marathon.

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